Turntable tonearm

Funky breaks and beats, blended in Swansea


What I play

  • Fully mixed electro swing, electro house, deep house, tech house, funky house, and disco house.
  • Fully mixed chillout and downtempo (I've done a few CD-length sessions for lounge-radio).
  • Unmixed funk and soul with a leaning towards anything with a Hammond.
  • Little bits of everything. I've been known to include some tango in a set before.
  • Hopefully a fair bit of stuff you haven't heard before.

What I don't play

  • Cheese. It's for eating only.
  • What everyone else is playing. Normally.
  • Dubstep. Until I find a reasonable stash of dubstep that I like.


I started mixing tracks back in 2006, mostly to relieve boredom and stress. They didn't go any further than to friends, and a few errant sheep. In 2007 I mixed my first CD-length downtempo session for lounge-radio, and then in 2009 I started performing mixes in bars and clubs, beginning in the realms of electro swing and branching off into house with a funky feel, with the occasional set of good funk/soul, and pieces of everything thrown in.

The PLAN D name was adopted later that year from an in-joke.

I'm located in Swansea (Wales) right now, but if my schedule allows and you ask nicely, I can travel.


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You can get in touch by e-mail. Send one to dj@[thiswebsiteaddress].co.uk - If you're mailing about a set, mention where you're thinking about (location if it's a physical performance, or on what for something prerecorded), and what it's for - club, podcast, charity...

If you want me to do a live set, you'll need a console that takes in standard audio, and speakers of your own with an appropriate amp. 110-240 mains will do quite nicely. Merci buckets.